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Shaping the future by innovation
Your reliable energy transition partner

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EBG electric division:
Your capable partner in electrical engineering

EBG electro, EBG eqs and EBG jung together form the EBG electric division, united by a common goal: to provide the solutions for tomorrow in the field of electrical engineering.

Our electrical engineering activities include outdoor power distribution, switchgear construction, and smart grid applications. The know-how about connecting, distributing and securing as well as measuring and controlling electrical energy is an essential competence of our companies. Energy suppliers, grid operators, municipal utilities, local authorities, e-mobility operators, industrial companies, planning and engineering offices, and tradesmen in Germany and abroad are among our customers. We are highly flexible concerning our supply from small quantities to large series. In addition to sophisticated standard solutions, we also devote great care to individual, customer-specific solutions. Short communication channels allow the necessary flexibility.

team made
Our claim.
Team solutions.

Experts at your service.

More than 70 years of experience make us experts in the market. This gives us the confidence necessary to tackle the challenges of the future.

We are intensely involved in relevant committees and standardization groups to ensure that our products are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Thanks to low staff turnover and long-term employee loyalty, we are able to optimize the know-how of our employees who are our experts in customer contact, technical planning, and production.

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Research and development

Constant market changes and technological progress require a consistent and continuous search for improvements, especially in terms of innovation.

Shaping the energy transition by means of the smart grid requires constant rethinking of the existing product portfolio and its expansion. Innovation also includes enhancing process and production. Due to these special future-proofing challenges, we bundle the essential innovation activities in our company EBG innolab, which addresses the topic in an extremely focused manner. EBG innolab is the innovation laboratory of our group of companies. Here, we want to think about tomorrow today: detached from day-to-day business, EBG innolab can focus on the development of products, processes and innovation.

For the orientation we have chosen, we receive positive confirmation from our customers. This encourages us to consistently continue on this high-tech path.

Our SURF-Principle

  • Safety
  • Surrounding
  • Robustness
  • Flexibility
  • CE marking
  • protection class IP44/IP54 (poking-proof)
  • integrated burst protection
  • highly electrically insulating (Ui 1000 V)
  • leakage current resistant
  • self-extinguishing
  • flame retardant
  • vandalism protection due to internal hinges and integrated door stop
  • high insulation capacity
  • halogen-free
  • REACH compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • recyclable
  • low CO2-production
  • atoxic
  • long service life due to stable design à plastic housing out of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (SMC)
  • weatherproof
  • UV-stable
  • acid and base resistant
  • impact resistant and torsionally rigid
  • condensate reduction through labyrinth ventilation
  • corrosion resistant
  • wide variety
  • individual project planning
  • customised housing solutions
  • optimum integration of measuring systems
  • individual housing combinations
  • 5G conductivity
  • customised lacquering or foiling
  • easy replacement of spare parts

Quality plus safety.
For the environment too, of course.

Products for power supply must technically comply with the latest state of development and the highest safety requirements. That’s why we produce quality without compromise. Of course we are certified, e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 45001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. REACH and RoHS standards are taken into account.

Our products are developed in accordance with DIN standards and tested by accredited testing institutes. The CE label is a matter of course.

Our History

Foundation of the electrical wholesale company Elektro-Bauelemente GmbH (today: EBG electro) in Lünen.
Foundation of Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co KG (today: EBG jung) in Ostrach.
First cable distribution cabinet by EBG electro in fully insulated GRP construction "Made in Germany".
Foundation of E-Q-Schaltanlangen GmbH (today: EBG eqs) in Dortmund for the production of electric control systems.
Change of name from Albrecht Jung GmbH to Jung-Polykontakt GmbH (today: EBG jung).
E-Q-Schaltanlangen GmbH (today: EBG eqs) expands the business field with functional building construction and the production of low-voltage main distribution boards and installation distributors.
Jung-Polykontakt GmbH (today: EBG jung) starts an extensive cooperation with EBG group.
Starting to design charging columns for electromobility.
Relocation of E-Q-Schaltanlangen GmbH (today: EBG eqs) to its own newly built premises in Dortmund-Derne.
First commissioning of a collaborating robot at EBG electro.
Integration of Jung-Polykontakt GmbH into the EBG group. Change of name to EBG jung GmbH and start of a comprehensive reorientation of the company.
Integration of E-Q-Schaltanlangen GmbH into the EBG group and change of name to EBG eqs GmbH.

Managing directors

Our strong team in the management consists of (from left to right):
Sascha Bischoff (EBG eqs)
Dag Hagby (managing partner)
Marcel Terletzki (EBG jung)


We preserve high standards for our products and develop the best solutions as a team with our customers, business partners and employees. team made – because what we do is always a team success. Working together as a team is the heart and at the same time the engine of our innovative strength.


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